Decisions, decisions!

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Here’s the thing.
I adore Christmas. Decorating, spending time with family, baking. All of it.
But I don’t ever want to get too far from my writing. I have a fear that if I allow myself too much time away from it I’ll lose that spark. And I really like that spark.
I just took off a little over a week for a trip, and there’s a week and a half until Christmas. That’s about three weeks out of the writing routine.
I know I’ve been writing regularly long enough that I seem to be able to start it and stop it almost at will.
But what if I can’t? What if the next long stretch of time I don’t write, the well goes dry?

Wait a minute! I’m looking at this all wrong.
Writing has become so much a part of life to me that it’s more like breathing than anything else.
If I hold my breath, I have no fear that I’ll forget how to take that next breath.

I can write, or not write, during the Christmas holidays.
Because I know that when everything settles down again, I’ll be gasping to get all those pesky ideas down on paper.

Phew! Crisis averted.

What do you think?