Confessions of a perfume hater

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Yep, that’s me.

Whether it’s in shampoo, clothes detergent, air freshener, or spritzed on after a shower, it’s all the same to me. No matter if it’s called perfume, scent, cologne, or fragrance, I hate the poisonous stuff.

If you wear it and get behind me in line in the store, I’ll inch away. If you’re wearing a lot I’ll probably even cover my nose.

Wear it while you introduce yourself at a party and I’ll quickly find a way to make myself scarce. Maybe I’ll see a good friend walking in the door, or I’ll claim that I absolutely have to get something to eat, even though I have a plate full of food in my hand.

You call it rudeness, but I call it self preservation.

Because the first whiff of the nasty stuff makes my airways stiffen and tighten. With continued exposure my brain stops working and dizziness sets in. If I can’t get to fresh air, breathing gets harder and harder, until the loss of consciousness becomes a very real threat.

And lets be clear about this, the effects last for weeks after an exposure. Weeks!

Now isn’t that pleasant!


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