Be human

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We are humans, people! If we want our species to be around a bit longer, it is up to us to band together and really show our humanity.

We can start by raising our children to be happy, healthy, contributing members of society who know how to think for themselves and are willing to work for what they want. Not bitter, self-centered robots who have easily pushed buttons and no respect for the rights of others.

Like the terrorist couple in San Bernardino who not only decimated multiple families, but left behind a 6-month-old. Their actions showed a total lack of humanity.

So take note, all you bullies, mass murderers, terrorists, anarchists, and despots out there. You’re on notice. Step up and join humanity, which means respecting your fellow humans, or get out. Of the human race. You don’t belong.

And when you go, leave behind the trappings of humanity. You know, technology, language, clothing,  books, and all the other things humans have bonded together to create throughout the years. If you can’t play by the rules of humanity you can’t play with humanity’s toys.

Instead, take your naked little selves off into the woods and see how the rest of the animal kingdom treats you.


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