Betwixt and Between

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Sometimes I feel like a fit in nowhere. Like I ‘m the poster child for the betwixt and between crew.

I don’t mean with my family, of course. My family is the one place where I feel I can be me, really me, and still be totally accepted and supported.
But once I leave the protected environment of my loved ones I have trouble finding that special place that feels like home away from home, with people who take on the role of my second family when my first family isn’t available.
I have a degree in archaeology, and had planned to make it my career until life intervened. Yet I certainly can’t rely on the archaeology community for that second home experience. It wouldn’t make sense. I’m an outsider and will remain an outsider. I’ve never even been on a single dig.
Lack of practical experience explains why I don’t have a zillion best buds among the archaeology crowd, but not what keeps me an outsider in the librarian community.  I’ve been a practicing librarian in both public and school libraries. I have real world experience as a librarian and I found I was rather good at it.Yet somehow, the connection to other librarians I know just isn’t there. I can’t seem to reach them on a personal level.

So where exactly do I fit in?Do I fit in with the writing community, as a novelist or a screenwriter?

I guess only time will tell.

Or maybe my crystal ball, if I could remember where I packed it.

What do you think?