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“Your phone was cutting out and I just pretended that I could hear what you were saying.”

That was the excuse I got.

I had arrived home at 8:30 am to find two workers under my house digging away. This was after I had been given assurances just yesterday that no more work would be done on the house while we were still in residence.

After all, if the new owners want work done they can live with the hammering and the dust, not us. We’ve done our part.

As soon as I saw the guys I tried to talk to them to let them know a mistake had been made. Unfortunately, they didn’t speak a word of English.

So one guy took out his cell phone and called his office.

I had explained the problem and started a dialog when the call was dropped. I waited for the guy to call back so we could finish our conversation but he never did.

So I retrieved my own phone and called. I explained that no work was to be done until we moved out because I’m prone to migraines and the work they had already done had triggered one. The guy on the phone said no problem, he’d tell the men to leave.

Fifteen minutes went by. The men under my house continued to work.

I was relieved when they headed for the truck, until I realized that they were getting more supplies. So I stopped them and gestured for them to call their office. My assumption was that they had somehow not gotten the message that my house was no longer on their schedule.

That’s when the man on the line told me he hadn’t heard a word I had said since the phone had cut out multiple times. He had only been placating me, making me feel better.

Except, that old phone-cutting-out story doesn’t hold water. Because during that supposedly sta-sta-staticky call he had repeated my very words back to me multiple times. Verbatim.

Strange that he could do that and still not hear me.

He ended with, “All you had to do was ask and I would have sent the workers away.”

Funny, that’s what I thought I had done.


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