Past or present

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Have you watched the news lately?

Stories about events that happened 50 years ago are told in present tense, as if they are happening now.

While elections results, which won’t be finalized for weeks, are reported in the past tense, as if they were historical facts.

What do you think?

Are reporters time travelers who zip around the timeline at a dizzying speed, so fast that they can’t keep track of time?

Or do they use a crystal ball, which short circuits their brains?


3 thoughts on “Past or present

  1. Nanette Fynan

    I can't decide whether they use odd tenses to shape our thinking (paranoid, not!) or sheer ignorance. I can't claim knowledge. We never studied grammar in high school. Will you be at any writer's conferences? I'd love to meet you. I guess not, with 4 kids…apologies, but I've included my blog. Ignore if not interested.

  2. Veronica R. Tabares

    No plans for any writer's conferences, but I can't blame my kids. My youngest is a sophomore in college so I have no real excuse.

    I must say that it's nice to connect with another writer! Especially one who writes such a unique story. Adventure, Celtic fantasy, and mystery all wrapped up in a single story. Sounds like it'll be great.


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