Brain tricks

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It’s really funny, the tricks our brains play on us.

The most recent trick my brain played happened because I’ve decided to create a series of videos about cyberbullying. There are so many misconceptions about it floating around. Not only about what it is, but how to handle it.

It’s a complicated issue. Way more complicated than traditional physical bullying.

So last night I spent some time creating a list of things I want to talk about. Some of the things are overall bullying issues, and some specific to the digital world. All are important.

Thinking about creating the videos makes me a bit nervous since I don’t really like myself in front of camera. But honestly, my likes and dislikes aren’t worth a hill of beans. I am on a mission to put the brakes on this whole cyberbully business. If the videos help anybody, anybody at all, they’ll be worth it.

So my nerves were on edge and my mind was focused on bullies and the Internet.

What a bad night that created. I dreamed all night about surfing the Web, and I do mean surfing it! I wasn’t on a computer, I was part of the Internet. I skateboarded along the Information Highway and swam an ocean of data.

It was exhausting.

I tried to escape. But every time I found a likely portal I was blocked and told that there could be no crossing over from the virtual world to the real world.

As if that was the truth!

I was never so glad to wake up in the morning. Being trapped in the chaos that is the World Wide Web is not a relaxing experience. I’ll take the real world any day.


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