No Comments on Zombies?

There are only 64 hours left to go in my Indiegogo campaign. The stats are $196 raised out of a much needed $8,000–with 7 contributors. Two of those contributors (and $11) are me, testing the system.

So that leaves 5 contributors. And let me tell you, those 5 restored my faith in humanity. If no one at all had responded to my campaign I would have had to barricade myself in an upstairs bedroom. It would have been proof positive that the rest of the world had become zombies.
Well, to be honest, the jury is still out on the whole zombie thing. I thought more people would care about the cyberbully problem and want to do their part to put a stop to it.
Zombies don’t care about other people, right? Think about it. It could, very well, be the explanation!
But thank goodness for those 5 warmhearted humans who responded. They reassured me that there is still hope for humanity. Each and every one of them has my heartfelt gratitude.

Sad isn’t it?  I hesitated to do a campaign because I feared for this very outcome. Instead of my fears being allayed they were realized. I had every right to be on edge.
I blame it all on the zombies.

What do you think?