On edge

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I’m rather on edge at the moment.

I launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Gray Zone, so I can promote it after it’s published. It hasn’t been easy for me to do since I absolutely hate asking for money.

The problem is that my publisher has a very small budget for marketing and if I want the book to be successful it’s up to me to push it into the public eye. I’ve tried to promote my books in the past, but frankly I’m not very good at it. I need professional help, and that requires money.

Maybe the discomfort I feel asking for money shows through. I’ve only had one person donate, my wonderful, supportive sister. She jumped in to donate pretty much as soon as I posted the link to the campaign.

If I don’t raise the funds I guess I’ll have to hobble along doing things my in my own inept way.
Only, isn’t that the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

I began this by stating that I’m on edge. You might ask “Why?”

Well, you see, when I put myself out there to ask for help with the Indiegogo campaign it’s like I’m walking into a room full of friends, family, and strangers. The reaction I receive will go a long way toward letting me know how people feel about me and my work.

My husband says I shouldn’t take it personally if no one contributes. But how can I not?

A donation will let me know that someone has confidence in my ability to tell a story.
A tweet will tell me that someone believes I can write a compelling tale that can really make a difference.
A mention on social media will inform me that someone believes in me and my writing.

So here I am, walking into that room. I’ll have to wait to see if anyone, other than my sister, will turn to me and say “Hello, we’re glad you’re here!”

Or if they will just turn their backs and walk away.

It’s the thought of rejection that is unnerving.

Wouldn’t you be on edge?


4 thoughts on “On edge

  1. Marcy M.

    First, good like with your book! Secondly, I just wanted to say that using Indiegogo to raise money need not be the same as asking for money. Crowdfunding can be realized by offering pre sales to raise the capital you need. A book is the ideal end product for using this approach.

  2. Veronica R. Tabares

    You're right that I'm not actually asking for money since the contributor gets a book (or at least, anyone who donates more than $1). I guess I just need to change my mindset.

  3. Nadine L.

    Best of luck with your crowdfunding. I visit indiegogo.com often to see what people are up to and I think it is an amazing service. So should I be ordering mu copy from there?


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