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Here’s the preliminary cover design for Gray Zone. There will probably be a few changes.

I’ll also share the official publisher’s text. I haven’t had it very long, so I’m still absorbing it. It’s always a little odd the first time I see my work through someone else’s eyes.

I’ll add it to the site somewhere, but in the meantime I thought I’d post it here:


The victim of a
cyber-prank gone viral, Autumn was forced to transfer schools—not exactly what
she wanted to do as a sophomore. But what choice did she have when all her
personal information was posted all over the web for anyone to see? When
threatening comments started to trickle in, the police said her only chance to
avoid stalkers was to move schools and start over.
Determined to make
the best of her situation, Autumn realized that she had been given an
opportunity to reinvent herself; to become the outgoing, popular,
not-at-all-shy girl she’d always wanted to be. Something that was impossible
while surrounded by lifelong friends who thought they knew her better than she
knew herself.
But even the best
plans go awry. As soon as Autumn arrives at her new school, she meets Maurice—a
bully of monumental proportions who steps on toes, beats up kids, and generally
makes life miserable for everyone. Things seem to be looking up when Autumn
learns that her best friend Sophie Rose is transferring to her new school,
too—but then Sophie starts keeping her distance from Autumn. Soon, Autumn feels
those old, familiar feelings of sadness and inadequacy returning, as she
wonders if Sophie Rose felt Autumn was no longer good enough to be her friend.
Bullied at school
and online, adrift without the support of her best friend in the murky waters
of high school, where one wrong move can earn an unflattering nickname that
will stick until graduation, Autumn believes she failed miserably at changing
the old habits that had given her that shy girl reputation in the first place.
Not only could she not move from reserved to rambunctious, she couldn’t even
get to normal.
But when a tragedy
shakes Autumn’s world, she stops feeling sad about what happened to her. Now
she’s angry—and she’s determined to put a stop to this cyber-torture and
bullying of herself and the people she loves in this powerful and poignant
Veronica Tabares had many opportunities
to witness the effects of bullying while working as head librarian at a private
school. When she realized that modern technology had enhanced the bully’s
ability to cause pain—with students seemingly unaware of the true danger of the
electronic toys that ruled their days—she designed an anti-bullying curriculum
to incorporate into her lessons.  As a
librarian, Veronica is aware that young people need a user-friendly way to
understand the problem. They need to easily grasp both how a bully works and
how to recognize the signs that someone is a bullying victim. Gray Zone was written to give them that
knowledge and to open a much-needed dialog. Veronica has a master of library
and information science and a bachelor of arts in anthropology, both from the
University of Washington. She also has a master of fine arts in creative writing
from Full Sail University.

6 thoughts on “Gray Zone (coming soon)

  1. Len

    I'm thinking "Gray Zone" will be a good read. It is certainly a timely topic, and the story outline sure is interesting.

  2. Veronica R. Tabares

    Thanks! After working with kids and seeing how they viewed the digital world I had to write the story.

    It's all about opening up a dialog. The worst thing we can do is stick our heads in the sand and ignore the bullying problem.

  3. Skylee

    I'm looking forward to reading your new book about school yard and cyber bullying. I'm a parent of a child just entering school next year, so of course I'm like a sponge for all things relating to his first out of the home adventure.

  4. Veronica R. Tabares

    I hope you enjoy the book!

    I well remember the first time I sent one of my children to school for the first time. She ran off to join her new schoolmates with a smile and I cried like a baby.

    Thank goodness I was able to hold it together until she was out of sight!

  5. Julie Sandora

    This book sounds great, I can't wait to read it! I have a 14 year old daughter who just recently had to deal with being bullied, (luckily it didn't last long because she told me right away & I took care of it "the right way") but while dealing with her situation she also told me about other kids in her school that are also being bullied, but not by the same bully! Apparently bullying is a big problem at her school & your book sounds like something that they would benefit from reading it! I can't wait to read it & share it with the principal at that school…..

  6. Veronica R. Tabares

    I am so glad your daughter talked to you right away, and that you took care of it!

    Bullying is a huge problem. Sadly, many kids don't know that talking to an adult is the first step to making it stop.

    The book will be available to the public somewhere around the first of the year. But if you want an earlier copy you can get one through the Indiegogo campaign.

    Keep in touch! I look forward to hearing what you think about it.


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