A DIY in a HSTDI world

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As I turned the corner I noticed a man in my neighbor’s driveway busy taking the car seats out of the neighbor’s car. As I continued walking, he continued removing bits of the car. Before I drew level with my neighbor’s house a good portion of the interior of the car was strewn about the front yard.

I couldn’t help but be curious. Then I noticed the truck loaded with cleaning supplies parked in front of my neighbor’s house and I realized what was happening.

The neighbor was having the car detailed. Right there in the driveway. The car was stripped bare, naked for all the world to see.

I looked away, somewhat embarrassed. I had never seen a car detailed in such a public manner before. It felt almost like I had pulled back a curtain and discovered the someone taking a shower. Like my very presence was an intrusion, an invasion of privacy.

I hurried back to my own house. As I closed the door I thought about the many different workers I passed every day as I walked my dog and I was struck by an epiphany.

I was a Do-It-Yourselfer living in a Hire-Someone-To-Do-It neighborhood.

No wonder I sometimes felt so out of place!

The people of my neighborhood have groceries delivered, hire contractors to remodel, maids to clean their house, dog walkers to exercise their dogs, landscapers to mow their grass, and even nannies to raise their children.

And those are just the things I know about. For all I know many of my neighbors may have personal chefs who prepare a daily menu of nutritious and tasty food while a personal assistant pays their bills for them.

The odd thing is that I don’t live in a ritzy neighborhood. I have no idea how all my neighbors have so much disposable cash.

Part of me wonders why they don’t just do the work themselves. The other part of me is jealous.

I probably should do a little digging in my yard. The only explanation I can come up with is that my neighborhood is built on an oil reserve. Maybe I can find my own source of disposable cash.



2 thoughts on “A DIY in a HSTDI world

  1. Casey

    I thought your post was wonderful and I can relate totally. I used to wash, wax, vacuum and shampoo my own car. However, as I got busier in my business more and more DIY tasked had to be delegated to contractors. I have the car detailer pick my car up at the office though, and agree with you. Having my car detailed in my driveway at home would feel as if I am exposing too much of myself. Weird, but ya it just feels wrong.


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