A daughter’s words

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Motherhood told through a daughter’s words.

Ma ma. Mamamamamamamamamamamama. Ma ma ma.
No! Just mommy!
Mommy, I’m scared. Can I sleep with you?
Mommy, you don’t need to hold my hand. I’m a big girl.
Mama, will you help me with my homework?
Mama, will you fix my hair?
Mama, will you help me with my project?
Mama, will you take me shopping?
Mama, will you drive me to my friend’s house?
Please don’t talk to my friend’s parents! I’ll be so
Mom, can I borrow some of your clothes? I have a project at
school and I need to look old.
I need to borrow the car. I’m going to a friend’s house. See
you later, Mom.
Mother, I need a dressy jacket. Oh, is this all you’ve got?
I could never wear any of these, they’re so out of style.
Mother, are you really going to wear that? Out of the house?
Sorry I can’t come to dinner, Mom. I’ve got plans.
Wait, Mom! You’re holding the baby wrong.
Mom, can you watch the kids? You’d never believe how much
work it is to raise children!Oh no, Mom, the books say that is the wrong way to raise kids!

Oh, Mom! How did you ever put up with us when we were
Mom, I love you!

2 thoughts on “A daughter’s words

  1. Ella Y.

    I just wanted to say that I thought your post, "A Daughter's Words", was adorable. I have a son. Would you like to trade?


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