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Numbers, just numbers. Or so it would appear.

But each of those numbers represents something important to me.

54,357 is hours spent in front of my computer, sometimes so deep in thought that my house could have fallen down around me and I would not have noticed.
54,357 is a labor of love.
54,357 is my attempt to make the world a better place.
54,357 is laughter and learning to stand up for yourself.
54,357 is heartbreak and hope.
54,357 is the word count of Gray Zone.
54,357 is a finished book.

1,237 and 4,381, on the other hand, represent beginnings.

1,237 is a new kid’s book, a fantasy novel related to the Behold the Eye trilogy, but not a continuation of it.
1,237 is the chance to enter an entirely new world.
1,237 is looking forward to losing myself for hours as I build that world.
1,237 is meeting new characters and making them real.
1,237 is just an outline, but it is an outline that I can use to build something wonderful.

4,381 is a second Department of Temporal Adjustment book.
4,381 is delving into the intricacies of time travel.
4,381 is exploring history, and figuring out which events most effected our present.
4,381 is recreating our world in a different way.
4,381 is the outline and summary of chapters. A very good beginning indeed.

Digits strung together to form a number.
Or are they more?

2 thoughts on “54,357

  1. JATomlinson

    Did you count? I'm amazed if that's the real total number of hours you've spent on your work. I'm a computer junkie and sometimes the same thing happens to me… I sit down to write or do online work and look up and the time is just gone.

  2. Veronica R. Tabares

    Oops. Now that I reread it I see that it sounds like number of hours.

    54,357 is the word count of Gray Zone as a completed manuscript (I hope).

    I'll admit that I didn't keep count of the number of hours I spent on the book.


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