Lest you forget

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After a short run around the Internet I felt the sudden urge to write the following.

To the adults out there:

Lest you forget…
life not a bowl of cherries or a box of chocolates, but a series of choices.

Choices that are up to YOU to make.

I’ve heard the grumbles. You don’t like your job. Your hair is too curly. You need to lose weight, or maybe gain it. There’s not enough time in the day. You feel overwhelmed, and alone.

I’m here to tell you to suck it up.

You heard me right. I’m talking to you.

My philosophy is that if something isn’t how you want it, it’s up to you to either learn to like it or make a change.

Just make sure not to hurt anyone while your doing it.

And oh, stop whining already.

Adversity is the fertilizer that makes strength and knowledge grow.

Besides, you are where you put yourself. That road you traverse, the one that you complain has too many potholes and bumps…well, you chose it.

Not your parents, or your teacher, or even God. It’s all you, baby.

You have been given the greatest gift in the world, the gift of life. Make it work.

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