Haunted by Connecticut

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Christmas day is exactly one week away.

This is a season of joy. A season of giving, of lights, of putting others before yourself.

Yet, no matter how much I try to focus on the good of the season, to wrap myself in the snuggly warmth of Christmas and all it stands for, the events of last Friday haunt me.

Which is how it should be. How it must be.

Because I’m human. If I didn’t grieve with my fellow humans, it my heart wasn’t heavy because of their tremendous loss, I wouldn’t be true to my humanness.

It takes a particular kind of evil to target innocent children. And even though I know that evil has walked the earth as long as humankind, this shocked me.

What happened in that elementary school in Connecticut should never have happened.

How and why that evil entered that young man we may never know. We can only mourn the consequences and try to understand.

Because it is only by understanding that we can prevent anything like this from ever happening again.


What do you think?