Happy Mother’s Day!

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This pencil drawing (which unfortunately means it won’t scan well) was given to me today by one of my daughters. I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to capture this particular bit of motherhood perfectly.

If you’re curious to know which daughter drew this I’ll give you a clue. Look closely at the pregnant me in 1994. Notice the writing on the t-shirt I’m wearing? It says “My Favorite Daughter Is Under This Shirt”.

Talent and wit!

Oh, and to all you moms out there who have, or do, change diapers, kiss boo-boos, read bedtime stories, sing songs, teach manners, hug away blues, drive to appointments, deliver forgotten homework, run to the store, cook meals, chase away monsters, help with homework, clean up after, listen, give advice, provide a safe haven, give unconditional love…and all the zillion and five other things moms do for their kids every day–HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY!

What do you think?