Maze of mud

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Friday night a group of us got together and bravely explored a corn maze. It was a first for all of us, which might explain how bad we were at navigating the maze.

The entire maze was supposed to take 1 hour, but it took 1.5 hours for us to just make it to the middle!

Shortly after we FINALLY reached the halfway point I decided to practice my non-existent reporter talent and interview members of my group. After an hour and a half slipping and sliding through the mud in the dark, those fire pits looked extremely inviting.

That was 4 days ago, and my muscles are still sore!

I want to try it again, maybe next year. But next time I’ll be sure to pick a day when it has not been raining. I’m sure walking through a dry maze will be quite a different experience than the one we had Friday. And to be honest, although it was quite an adventure, I can do without the constant threat of my feet flying out from under me.

What do you think?