Emotional high gear

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Have you ever had one of those days? You know, a day when everything happens, when your life has somehow shifted into high gear?

Yesterday was one of those days. I’ll list, in order of appearance, the unusual things that happened in one measly 24 hour period. Keep in mind I’m only listing the unusual things.

  • A member of my family, on the other side of the country, had open heart surgery, which made me a basket case all day long. (I am happy to report that I have been informed that she is now resting comfortably in the ICU.)
  • It was my sister’s birthday.
  • I received an email requesting a phone interview (for a job).
  • A nearby member of my family called saying she felt very ill and wanted me to drive her to urgent care (which I gladly did).
  • I was told about a very happy upcoming event (more to come at a later date).
  • I received a phone call from a relative upset because I had not called to say I was driving above family member to urgent care.
  • I received a second upset call from a second relative for the same reason.
  • I dreamed of a solution to a tricky homework problem that had been bugging me.
So there you go. It was a very roller coaster type of day, filled with pretty much every emotion possible.
To be perfectly frank, I wouldn’t mind today being boring.  Sometimes, boring is good.

What do you think?