Through the magic of television…

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Or at least, that’s what I feel I should say. I feel like I’m the host of a cooking show and I’ve just blended some cake batter, poured it into a pan, placed it into the oven and then immediately pulled out a fully baked cake.

What am I talking about you ask?

I’m in! I just received notice that I was accepted into the Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts program!

Yes, the same one that I mentioned for the first time a week ago. And you thought I couldn’t keep a secret.

Classes start the end of September for this accelerated program. I gulp every time I think about completing 2 years of work in just 1 year–while working at least half time. (I’m still optimistic that I’ll find a job.)

Overall, I’m going to enjoy jumping back into the world of learning. I expect to have a very busy year ahead of me, one that will stimulate my brain and turn the old creative faucet up full blast.

Of course, I might have to shove the books I had begun onto the back burner. But I’m sure a little simmering won’t hurt them in the least. After all, it is only a year.

One year. Gulp.

What do you think?