February 3rd – National Cloud Day

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As I look outside on this dark and gloomy day, I have to ask myself, why is it always rainy and gloomy on February 3rd? Throughout my entire life I can remember very few sunny February 3rds. And I do pay attention, since it is my birthday.

I remember last year. Here in Seattle we had an entire week of gloriously sunny days, one day of rain, followed by another week of warm and wonderful sun. The one rainy day? February 3rd, of course.

Now, please don’t think that I am a gloomy person just because my birthday tends to be gloomy. I am not. No indeed! I love to laugh, and I enjoy life.

Really, February 3rd is cloudy so often I hereby proclaim it National Cloud Day.

Wait! What is that I see out my window? Is it, could it be…

It is! I can barely believe it! There, peeping out from the heavy clouds, is blue sky! A virus of fluffy white clouds has infiltrated the dark gray field of storm clouds. The good thing about those cotton ball clouds is their propensity to bunch up to let the blue show through. Fantastic!

Spread, little white clouds, spread. Take over the sky!

Now, if I could just convince that shy sun to make an appearance, I would have a most unique birthday!

What do you think?