Bonbons or books?

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Lest you think I’ve neglected my writing–imagining me sitting around on the couch eating bonbons–I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I’ve got 6, count ’em 6, picture books baking in the oven. (Figuratively, not literally. The paper would dry out and begin to burn if I really put the books in the oven. Burned books are not very pleasant to read.)

The upcoming books are (working titles all):
Monkeys on an Island – about monkeys, on an island
Library Cafe – about a couple who retire and buy an old library to turn into a bakery
Tea Party – four girls move into a new neighborhood and have trouble making new friends
Connor’s Pockets – it is easy to see what a little boy did during the day as he empties his pockets
Victorious Victor – a little boy has a problem with a monster under his bed
Pepper Curious – A curious schnoodle is on the trail of treasure

I am waiting for the illustrators to finish their work, which means that it is out of my control when the finished product will be available. It is hard to rush artists.

Except for one, Pepper Curious, which I will be illustrating with modified pictures.

Also, Gray Zone (my novel about cyberbullying that formerly had the working title Fair Game) is in the final stages of writing. It should be complete in just a few months, and then move on to the publishing process.

So there! I haven’t eaten a single bonbon, and I very much prefer a chair to my couch. Let that be a lesson to you.

What do you think?