The good deal

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I just paid $5.00 for a single sheet of paper with 3 paragraphs of writing. Not good writing, mind you. The grammar was bad and spelling atrocious, but it was writing.

I nearly didn’t. I almost walked by, allowing a busy schedule to override my responsibility to help others.

Luckily, I turned back and talked to the woman who was standing on the corner outside Wholefoods, holding a loose stack of white paper. She told me she had written these poems to sell.

As an author, how could I refuse her? I understand how difficult it can be to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper, hoping for acceptance. So I did the only thing I could, I emptied out my pockets and gave her all I had with me.

Which is how I came to buy a single sheet of paper with 3 paragraphs of writing for $5.00.

It is just possible that I helped a fellow writer. It was a very good deal.

What do you think?