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02 – 06 – 15 – 26 – 34 – 44

I looked at the little piece of paper in my hand and gulped. I couldn’t believe it…finally, finally I had picked the right numbers. They matched, the really matched, and I had won! I won the lottery!

I spent the next few minutes divying up the cash in my mind. First there were taxes, then family to help, bills to pay, college tuition for my children, charities in need…so many places for the money to go. Thank goodness there was so much money to go around.

I headed for the door and reached for the knob. The sooner I claimed my prize the better. How horrible it would be if this winning ticket–this lovely, irreplacable, life-changing ticket–was accidently destroyed.

But as I reached the door a strange sound froze me in my tracks. The room began to whirl, and with horror I recognized that annoying sound.

My alarm clock. It was time to wake up.

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