The Internet is a wonderful invention

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The Internet is a wonderful invention. I’m sure a hundred years ago no one thought the time would come when a person could write a message in the comfort of her own home that could be delivered in seconds. Seconds, mind you, not hours, not days, not weeks, not months.

But never has it been brought home to me the usefullness of the Internet until the recent travels of my family, particularly those of my daughter.

One of my daughters is currently on a trip to Europe, a trip of the lifetime. She is travelling with 47 other people, and they have a whirlwind itinerary that keeps them moving and very busy.

We knew even before the trip began that time zones and her busy schedule would make it difficult for her to be in contact, so I had resigned myself to wait patiently for her return.

But wait, what about that handy invention–the Internet? Could it come to the rescue?

It could with the help of a thoughtful leader in the group who had the forethought to create a Shutterfly account which she opened up to the parents waiting at home. Her thoughtfullness even extends to regular posting of new pics.

My husband and I now have a new game we play call “Where’s the daughter”. We look through the pictures as they are posted, searching for a glimpse of our daughter’s hair, her foot, or, be still my heart, in the rare instance her whole face.

And when we spot her, we feel like we have just won a prize.

Yes indeed, the Internet is a wonderful invention.

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