Time slipping away

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I haven’t been writing as much as I would like, and I’ve wondered why.

Do I have writer’s block? Have I lost interest in my current book? Has the well of creativity suddenly run dry?

I was really beginning to worry, until I started to pay attention to how I spend my day.

One part of it is spent job searching, a necessary evil. I would rather be independently wealthy and not worry about getting a job, but life is what life is.

Another portion is devoted to searching out people who might agree to review one of my books, finding new marketing ideas, reading publishing blogs, researching the types of books that are selling well…and so on.

A third portion is taken up by my current volunteer project–the redesign of my church’s website.

When I really looked at the time I have been spending on the web redesign, I realized that it is quite a bit more than I orginally thought. A little tweak here, a change of color there…and time does slip away. But really, I want to make it as perfect and easy to keep up as possible. Once it is live, I will not be the one keeping it current.

What does it look like, you ask? Well, here is a screen-shot. I used the interior structure of the church as an inspiration, and tried to create a navigation that will help people find what they need.

The new site isn’t up yet, only the old one, but hopefully it will be in a few weeks. It has been very satisfying rebuilding it. I built everything from scratch using only notepad to do the CSS and HTML. Of course the graphics were created with PhotoShop.

As I said, it has been satisfying, but I will be glad to have it finished. I want to get back to writing. Websites are fun to build, but writing is my true passion.

What do you think?

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