Take time to stop and eat the apple blossoms

I am just like all the rest of you, I always have twice as much to do as I have time to do it in.

Honestly, it doesn’t make sense–I am unemployed, so I should be sitting around my house all day twiddling my thumbs. Or even better I should be writing up a storm, taking advantage of this boon of extra time.

If only it worked that way! For all intents and purposes, I have no more time to write than I did when I was working at a 40+ hour a week job. Where does the time go?

Why do I worry about it so much?

Last week, the sun was shining and I felt the need to lower my stress levels. I grabbed a ball, called my schnoodle, and headed out the door. It felt great, tossing the ball across the yard so that my dog could joyously chase it. Her favorite game is to bring the ball within 2 feet of me and drop it, then to snatch it up and run when I reach for it. Her own special version of keep-away.

We played for about 30 minutes, which should have relaxed me, but did not. I still had worries wiggling around my head, cluttering it to-do lists.

It was evident I wasn’t paying close enough attention when I tossed the ball a little too high and hit the apple tree. The ball struck one of the beautiful apple blossoms that are currently decorating my yard and it fell to the ground.

Immediately, Pepper lost all interest in our game as she pounced on the blossom. In a split second, her stance went from tense anticipation of play to relaxed bliss.

And then it hit me. Here I was, frantically trying to relax, when all I really had to do was stop and smell the roses.

Or if I really wanted to follow Pepper’s example, eat the apple blossoms!

What do you think?