The missing diamond

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Today, I decided to take on the monumental task of cleaning off my dresser. I have a horrible habit of putting clothes on top of the dresser instead of in it, so that over time the mountain of clothes grows until there is a real danger of an avalanche.

All was going well, until I discovered my heart-shaped jewelry box open, and turned over.

A few weeks ago, I hit my engagement ring on the kitchen table, and out popped the diamond. I scrambled to find the diamond before the dog did, and very carefully placed the rescued ring and diamond in a conveniently empty heart-shaped jewelry box.

Why, oh why did I ever do anything so dumb? The box I chose for my precious diamond has a lid that opens entirely too easily. And then, to compound my stupidity, I chose to leave the box on my dresser, the least organized spot in the entire house, and the last place I should ever place any item I want to be able to find later.

So now, my only hope is to conduct an archaeological type search of my bedroom floor. I will section the room into grids and collect every dust bunny, every random scrap of paper, every paper clip and safety pin, and especially every hard little stone that might have its shine disguised by a layer of dirt.

Wish me luck. I’ll tell my husband about my mistake any way around, but I would rather do it AFTER I find the diamond, instead of before.

What a nightmare! My husband is always nagging me about that dresser, and now I have to tell him he is right. There is no hope for it. I will have to confess all, unless…

Could the diamond just be playing hide-and-seek with me?

Diamond, oh, diamond. Can you hear me? Remember all the good times we’ve had, mesmerizing babies and shining rainbows on the walls. If you keep hiding from me, I may not find you and we won’t be able to do those things any more. You don’t want to hide any more, do you? I promise, I’ll take you right away and get you reset in the ring. I’ll even get you cleaned.

I’ll do my part by looking, and you do your part by showing your sparkle.

Come out, come out wherever you are!

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