That’s how the cookie crumbles

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You hear about it in the news every day. This company is cutting positions, that person is getting laid off, the person over there cannot find a job.

I guess now I am joining the crowd of unemployed, laid-off, job seekers.

I had a meeting with my boss today, and he told me that due to decreased enrollment at the school where I work, there will not be a position for me next year. So there will be no Middle School / Upper School Librarian.

I know I have a biased viewpoint, but personally I think someone is being short-sighted. Today’s librarians don’t spend all their time reading, shelving, and chatting on the phone. As a matter of fact, if I listed everything I did in a day this blog entry would become horribly long. So I won’t.

But I am amazed at how often people don’t really know what a librarian does. How much value we add. The place we hold in our modern information overloaded society.

Hmmmm. It was a lot of hard work, so maybe I shouldn’t gripe about being forced to move on. I’ll just let them continue to think that all I did all day was sit around and twiddle my thumbs.

What do you think?