Can I enjoy what I hate?

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It’s odd. I am in the point of my book that I hate–when I have to check that everything flows and that I use the right tenses consistently throughout. It can only be termed as grunt work, because it’s hard, it’s time-consuming, and it does not require very much creativity.

Yet this morning, I had fun. I really enjoyed the hours I spent revising the DTA.

It makes me wonder…am I doing something wrong?

Oh no! What if the Jupiterians are playing some sort of cruel joke on me that I have not yet discovered? Will I find all my hard work erased tomorrow? Will my computer crash? Will the sun continue to shine so that I cannot remain indoors? (Okay, the Jupiterians really have nothing to do with the weather.)

I might as well stop worrying about it. Time will tell.

And the sun is calling!

What do you think?