A new beginning

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No worries.

No, no, no, I’m not being insensitive or uncaring! This is all planned.

You are shocked I would be a part of this dastardly deed? What are you…oh…I understand now. You are confused about the fireworks. Maybe I should explain a little.

The Space Needle is not under attack. Every year, when a new year begins, people want to make a lot of noise and celebrate the new beginning. Kind of have the old year go out and the new year come in with a bang. To to this we….

No! We do not “sacrifice a building to the great one”. You’ve got it all wrong, we are not blowing up the Space Needle, we’re just making noise!

Well, I guess we just want to make a big show, you know, just because we can.

What? No! I do not want you to help out with the fireworks! That would be scary. I think the people in charge are doing a bang up job by themselves.

Yes, I know that you could easily bring down the building, but that’s not the point. We want the building to remain unharmed, all the buildings.

Yes, I know you think we are missing out in the fun. But trust me, it is better that you let us celebrate our own way, even if you don’t understand. We Earthlings are rather odd that way.

Well, why don’t you just yell “Happy New Year”!

And a Happy New Year to you.

What do you think?