No Comments on ThanksGiving

I am thankful for the many blessings I enjoy, and the most important blessing to me is my family.

Therefore, I am thankful for that first awkward, but strangely magical, blind date with my husband almost 25 years ago. Everything that could have gone wrong did. Which makes it important to remember that an uneventful date is a forgetable date.

Aren’t I lucky that that first date was very like our marriage has been? Unforgetable, eventful, and full of surprises…surprises that my husband and I have learned we can always handle, as long as we handle them together.

I am thankful for my four wonderful daughters, who have all grown into beautiful, witty, intelligent, strong young women. I radiated pride yesterday at the family dinner when aunts, uncles, a grandmother, and cousins were able to partake of the numerous dishes my children had cooked, packed up, and transported to the get-together. To know that my children have grown to be so giving, so hard-working…it does make a mother’s heart glow with joy.

I am also thankful for…what? You want me to let everyone know what you are thankful for? Why certainly, I’ll read your prepared speech for you, though I am a little surprised. I didn’t know Jupiterians celebrated Thanksgiving Day.

Let’s see…it says, “We like to thank our fellow Jupiterians who have always given us support. We would like to show our gratitude to the Foundation, without whom we would not be here today. We would also like to thank the Saturnians for clearing a path through their moons so that we could make the great strides we have in space exploration. Without their help, it may have taken an extra millenium…”

Wait a minute, this speech isn’t about Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know you are giving thanks, but it is not the same. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for blessings, not giving thanks to people. Okay, okay, so officially they aren’t “people”. Still, I don’t think you get it!

What? You are positive you know all about it because you watched it on TV? You saw a show about Thanksgiving on TV?

Oh, I see. You saw the Academy Awards.

I think I’ll just let it go. Some things are just too hard to explain!

Maybe I should find a way to limit their TV time!

What do you think?