Censored Post about Cracker-related-catchphrase

Sometimes there are inside ‘jokes’ that just need to be explained.

Take for example the following conversation I heard in my house last night.

Daughter: Let’s watch a movie.
Dad: I’ll go for that. What do you want to watch?
Daughter: Well let’s see. We have 3 Netflix movies…’4 Muskateers’, ‘License to Wed’, and ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’. With a sneer Who put those movies on the list?
Dad: Let’s watch ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’!
Daughter: Let’s not, that would be like cracker-related-catchphrase, which has been deleted per daughter’s request.

We immediately understood what she meant, but anyone outside our family hearing this conversation would be seriously confused. So let me explain what ‘cracker-related-catchphrase’ means to my daughter.

All of my daughters love to snack on crackers of all kinds, so we typically keep several different types in the house. The two types we keep most often are Cracker brand 1 and Cracker brand 2.

A short while ago, Cracker brand 2 started appearing on store shelves in a variety of flavors. We, of course, had to try them all.

My daughter took one bite of cracker-related-catchphrase and was immediately hooked. These crackers burst with an overabundance of flavor, so there is little wonder that they can be immediately addicting. She was so enamored with the flavor that she ate almost the entire box in one sitting (unusual for her).

She then proceeded to become very ill. She has not eaten a cracker-related-catchphrase since.

So if she says something is like cracker-related-catchphrase, she means that it is overkill. Too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. It’s just too much.

All instances that might lead to the discovery of the cracker-related-catchphrase have been deleted at the request of my daughter. There is nothing wrong with the catchphrase. She just likes to protect her privacy.

What do you think?