Wormhole 276


In a futuristic space city, two teenagers travel through a wormhole to find themselves in a strange ancient land; planet earth in the 21st century.


Science Fiction, Adventure, Family


MARVI and JACOT’s parents leave them with their grandparents, TINK and TANK, to go on an intergalactic mission. The family are successful researchers and scientists. The kids feel abandoned and are bitter towards Tink and Tank, who they believe have never made time to visit them or be part of their lives. While exploring his temporary home Jacob accidentally opens a wormhole to present day Seattle. A box of inventions falls through the wormhole before it’s closed.

RYAN, in present day Seattle, hates his new engineering job where everyone calls him ‘Brian.’ Then the box plops onto his desk, seemingly from nowhere. Ryan decides to lie, even to his wife, LAUREN, and claim the box as his own.

Tink finds the box missing and panics because it was on loan from a museum and contains dangerous inventions that could destroy humankind. So Jacot and Marvi use the wormhole to follow the box to present day Seattle. They find Ryan and the box, but the wormhole, their way home, disappears.

When Tink and Tank realize where the kids have gone they follow.

MR. PRESTON, an unethical boss, steals the box from Ryan’s office while he and the kids look for a way to reactivate the wormhole. To keep it Mr. Preston fires Ryan.

Marvi and Jacot sneak into Mr. Preston’s office to steal the box but get caught. Their grandparents rescue them just in time and take care of Mr. Preston and his goons.

Tank confesses to the kids that it is an injury that keeps him from visiting. All is forgiven and the family returns home, leaving Ryan with one invention to help him and Lauren on the road to success.

2017 Family Best Scene Screenplay   (Link to Reading)
2017 FEMALE Written Best Scene Screenplays
2017 TEEN Stories, Novels, Films, Screenplays (January-June)
2017 Time Travel Stories, Novels, Films, Screenplays (January-June)
2017 SCI-FI/FANTASY Best Scene

WGA # 1830559