Haunt for Hire


After a family enlists the help of a ghost to save themselves from a vindictive neighbor, they start a haunt for hire business and learn that even ghosts can be haunted.


Comedy, Family, Paranormal


Home is a sanctuary, or it should be. But Tori’s home is not safe when Warren, a sadistic neighbor, moves in. Especially when he launches a vendetta against Tori and her family.

Gordana, an ancient Scottish ghost, saves Tori from a deadly trap set by Warren, and Tori learns she has a protector. Tori asks Gordana to help her with Warren, and when that works she opens a haunting business to help make ends meet.

But Warren isn’t really gone, and he’s out for revenge. Which, unfortunately for Tori, takes the shape of a demon out to destroy her family.

Things ramp up and Tori calls a ghost hunter for help, but he proves to be rather bad at his job. A huge fight ensues that only ends when all of Tori’s ghost friends join together to banish the demon.

WGA #1749675

9th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalist