Gray Zone


To become the popular girl she’s always wanted to be, a shy teen starts over at a new school and struggles to come out of her shell as she avoids the brutality of a schoolyard bully and the snarkiness of the online ones.


Young Adult, Drama


The victim of a cyber-prank gone viral, Autumn is forced to transfer schools, not exactly what she wants to do as a sophomore. But what choice does she have when all her personal information is posted all over the web for anyone to see? With all those threatening comments, the police say her only chance to avoid stalkers is to move schools and start over.

Determined to make the best of her situation, Autumn realizes that she has been given an opportunity to reinvent herself; to become the outgoing, popular, not-at-all-shy girl she’s always wanted to be. Something that is impossible while surrounded by lifelong friends who think they know her better than she knows herself.

The first person Autumn meets at her new school is Maurice, a bully of monumental proportions. She tries to keep her distance, but when he nearly kills a schoolmate something inside her snaps. She attacks him to make him release his victim.

Which earns her a reputation as a crazy person. Because only someone who is crazy would take on a bully twice her size.

The only bright point is that her best friend, Sophie Rose, also transfers to the new school. Except Sophie immediately starts keeping her distance from Autumn, leaving her feeling sad and alone.

But when a tragedy shakes Autumn’s world she stops feeling sad about what has happened to her, and angry about the ruthlessness of bullies. She decides that she needs to do her part to put a stop to cyber-torture and bullying.

Adapted from Feathered Quill Awards Bronze winning novel.

WGA #1702098