Braumaru – A clever sixth grader must learn to control her dreams or be trapped in them forever by a power hungry janitor intent on world domination. (synopsis)

Department of Temporal Adjustment – A busy student and mother steps through a portal to the future and has her memory of the event erased—again and again. (synopsis)

Gray Zone – To become the popular girl she’s always wanted to be, a shy teen starts over at a new school and struggles to come out of her shell as she avoids the brutality of a schoolyard bully and the snarkiness of the online ones. (synopsis)

Haunt for Hire – After a family enlists the help of a ghost to save themselves from a vindictive neighbor, they start a haunt for hire business and learn that even ghosts can be haunted. (synopsis)

Stone Woman – A honeymooner in Belize becomes a reluctant adventurer when an anti-American police chief frames her husband for murder, and the only one on her side is the silent ghost of an ancient Mayan woman. (synopsis)

Wormhole 276 – Two rambunctious kids from the future enter a wormhole to present-day Seattle in order to save a box of dangerous inventions that could destroy humankind. (synopsis)


Guarded (6 pages) – When a young woman’s blind date scampers away as soon as he meets her she chalks it up to nerves, until a serial killer is caught and she realizes someone is watching out for her.

For Mort (10 pages) – Five friends join forces to find a friend when he mysteriously disappears during a college shooter incident.

Library Cafe (6 pages) Adaptation of Old Library Cafe picture book.

Lost and Found (5 pages) (rights given to FSU)

Saved by Appetite  (11 pages) Brilliant middle-schooler has a run-in with tiny creatures from outer space, the Jupiterians.

The Mistake (8 pages) – A runaway teen is picked up by a suspicious-looking driver while hitchhiking to Seattle. (rights given to FSU)