Award winning novelist Veronica R. Tabares has announced to officially release her new novel “Time Without” come July which tells the hilarious adventure of a family traveling through time.

May 11, 2017 – After the tremendous success with “Gray Zone”, award winning novelist Veronica R. Tabares is soon to publish her new book this summer. Entitled as “Time Without”, it’s the standalone sequel of her previous mind-blowing piece “Department of Temporal Adjustment”. Packed with fun family antics & good humor, the new book promises an unforgettable romp through time with a spunky family.

Published by Sun Break Publishing, the book will be officially released on July 16, 2017.  It will be available as both hardcover and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor etc. An eBook would also be released after a few months of the official launch.

Veronica’s new book centers on Vanessa, the same strong inspiring character that amazed her readers in Department of Temporal Adjustment. The sequel starts with a normal family life for Vanessa with her husband, kids and job which encounters a dramatic change one fine morning- as Vanessa wakes up to a strange world out of the blue. The plot deepens when she realizes that her husband is in grave danger and the onus is on her now to find out what exactly is creating the mayhem in her world. Her search for the answer takes her to the department of time travel (Department of Temporal Adjustment). The story takes on a whole new exciting turn from here as Vanessa & her kids embark on a thrilling and fun-filled adventure through time.

“I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my new novel ‘Time Without’.  I was overwhelmed by immense response received by my previous book Department of Temporal Adjustment and it was a crucial inspiration behind my new novel this summer. Time Without takes up from where we left at Department of Temporal Adjustment. The book offers an exciting insight on what chaos can shake up our world if the wrong person hopped back into the past and messed things up a bit. Humor is my best buddy and as with most of my books, the upcoming one too promises bouts of laughter as you join Vanessa and her kids in their crazy time travel. Science fiction doesn’t always have to be for the nerds- in fact, a dash of family drama makes the whole thing even more interesting. I am hopeful you are going to enjoy an amazing read with Time Without”, stated the author.

The widely acknowledged author is a profound scholar and holds 3 University degrees in Anthropology, Library & Information Science and Creative Writing. Her last novel was Gray Zone (2014) which won her Bronze in the Juvenile/YA category in the esteemed Feathered Quill Book Awards. She also has proved her skills for screenwriting and has written multiple screenplays that have received great response in various contests.

Time Without marks the 6th novel for Veronica but it’s the first one where she has narrated the great tale of a family traveling together through time to save a loved one- and also the half of humankind.

To know more about the novel “Time Without”, please visit the official website or contact the author below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sun Break Publishing
Phone: (206) 745-2830

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Considered Bookshelf Interview

An Interview with Veronica Tabares, author of Gray Zone

Veronica – we love the analogy of writing being like running in terms of being ‘in the zone’!  (read full interview)
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LitPick Interview


Today Veronica Tabares joins LitPick for Six Minutes with an Author! Veronica is the author of the young adult book Gray Zone, the adult fiction book Department of Temporal Adjustment, and the picture books Monster of a Problem and Monkeys on an Island. She is also the author of the Behold the Eye trilogy of books, Book 1: Braumaru, Book 2: Cerulea, and Book 3: Viridia.
How did you get started writing? (read full interview)

Author Veronica Tabares Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Promote the Novel “Gray Zone”

 A teen must start over at a new school when a website goes viral and puts her at risk. But that’s only the beginning of the story.

Seattle, WA — 05/24/2013 — Veronica Tabares has had many opportunities to witness the effects of bullying while working as a librarian. When she realized that modern technology had enhanced the bully’s ability to cause pain—with students seemingly unaware of the true danger of the electronic toys that ruled their days—she designed an anti-bullying curriculum to incorporate into her lessons. Veronica researched everything she could find about the subject, and what she found stunned and horrified her.

Being a librarian, Veronica knows that young people need a user-friendly way to understand the problem. They need to easily grasp both how a bully works and how to recognize the signs that someone is a bullying victim. Gray Zone was written to give them that knowledge and to open a much-needed dialog.

Veronica has already completed writing the book and needs funding help getting it out there. She needs funding for
– Sell Sheets. A one-page sheet that gives details of the book to potential buyers in libraries, bookstores, and other organizations.
– Postage and printing. Some organizations will accept a sell sheet electronically, but many still prefer to have it sent through the mail.
– Publicity Campaign. A press kit is needed as well as multiple press releases. The releases need to be written and distributed through the proper channels at the appropriate times.

This campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by Mon 08 Jul 11:59PM PT.

Indiegogo Page:

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A moving story of love and friendship


Seattle, WA: Cerulea, the newly released second installment of Veronica Tabares’ Behold the Eye trilogy, takes readers into ever more fantastic depths, daring to lift the veils between reality and illusion.

“Cerulea’s overwhelming message is clear – that hope is never lost,” says Tabares. “As with the first book of this trilogy, Braumaru, Cerulea is fantasy adventure that will appeal to readers of every age.”

Awaking in a strange world, Vickie struggles to understand what has happened to the world she once knew. Confused and lost, she is befriended by three companions who journey with her to the land of Cerulea, to find the secrets to help her return home.

Meanwhile, in the normal world, Vickie’s friends slowly piece together the evidence pointing to her vanishing and to the strange characters that may have some hand in her disappearance. But the power-hungry Roland, bent on using Vickie for his own sinister purposes, has other plans. Vickie must race to find her answers before Roland can realize his sinister scheme.

“Though the haze of sleep, dreams and imagination blur the boundaries between worlds, those with the ability to dream travel, armed with the secret knowledge, can move within those worlds,” says Tabares. “But they may often get lost – or worse. Cerulea is a chronicle of that amazing journey. ”

About Veronica Tabares

Raised in Memphis, Veronica Tabares has traveled across many states and career fields. She has sold artwork to businesses, produced web content for a tech company, performed story time as a children’s librarian, and taught 6th graders how to be safe on the Internet. Tabares has a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington. She currently lives in Seattle with her husband and four lovely daughters.

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