Monster of a Problem

Monster of a Problem
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When Victor hears noises under his bed he’s worried. Could it be a monster?




Awesome book to help you Face your Fears….. PERFECT for my little brother and me (=^.^=)
Amazon Review by Caroline

I am nine years old and I like this book because it teaches us about facing our fears. I read this to my little brother and he really really really likes it just as much as I did! In this story Victor hears a sound under his bed. It was only small at first, but then it gets so scary for him and he doesn’t know what it is! At first Victor thinks that it’s just a mouse, but then after a while, the mouse turns into a ‘monster’. Victor has to fight the monster and in the end it’s really unexpected what happens. I think this book is really cool and the dictionary meaning of the word ‘victor’ means ‘a person who defeats an enemy or opponent in a battle or game’ and that’s what Victor did!

The pictures are awesome and so is the story and is a perfect book for me and my little brother and anyone else who gets scared sometimes or have nightmares because of eating junk food before bed. Great book before bedtime and it helped my little brother heaps!!!! (=^.^=)

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