Behold the Eye trilogy

What if dreams were REAL? With people, places, and entire
cultures existing in another dimension?

The Behold the Eye trilogy tells the story of an ancient Pacific Northwest culture that disappeared after a cataclysmic event…or did they?

For ages 9 and up, this trilogy engages young minds and imaginations in page-turning adventure. Read about each individual book below.

Note: 6th grade reading level.       

Behold the Eye: Braumaru

Micah, who lives in a world adjacent to our own, has just celebrated his Rite of Passage to become a man. But in truth, Micah knows adulthood will only begin when his birth gift reveals itself. So until then, he waits. And dreams.

Vickie is a normal 6th grade girl who is looking for something exciting to do. Something like…like…writing a book! But Vickie resolves that it won’t be one of those boring books you can find on any bookshelf, it will be a sure-fire bestseller, full of real-life ghostly, shivery, unexplainable things.

Vickie’s search for ghosts opens her eyes to the mysteries around her and brings her to the attention of an unscrupulous janitor who is on a quest for power. Power he can get if he succeeds in traveling through the baffling, mysterious, and dangerous land of dreams to Micah’s world.

Braumaru is the first book in the Behold the Eye trilogy.

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Behold the Eye: CeruleaWaking up in a strange world not her own, Vickie struggles to understand what has happened to the world she knew.

Aided by three strange friends, Micah, Shanti, and Dafyyd, Vickie learns she has been rescued from the land of dreams and is now in an alternate world. The four friends must travel to the land of Cerulea where they hope to learn how Vickie can safely move back through the land of dreams to find home.

In the normal world, Vickie’s family slowly pieces together the evidence pointing to her disappearance and the strange characters that may have some hand in her vanishing.

Meanwhile, Vickie and the others search for answers, as the power hungry Roland zeros in on Vickie, believing she has what he needs to fulfill his dream of power.
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Behold the Eye: Viridia

Third in a trilogy, this novel finds heroine Vickie Sutton first in a coma and then missing. As her parents and friends follow the clues of what they suspect is a kidnapping, they begin to wonder if it is an epidemic when Vickie’s good friend Tricia Jones falls into a coma, too.

As Vickie and Tricia’s two very best friends Karen and Cathy put the pieces together, their only hope is that through dream traveling they will begin to make sense of the mystery before it is too late.

Vickie must travel to Viridia, the Land of the Green Eyes, with new friends Micah, Shanti, and Dafyyd, with the hope that someone will know how to safely send her back home to her own world through the land of dreams.
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