Gnats and the police

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I was visited by the police yesterday.

Seems the neighbor behind me called them because, in his mind, I am harassing him. (Read the Lavender and ground cover post to see how I’m supposed to be making his life miserable.)

The police and I chatted for a bit while I told my side of the story. Then I asked what the neighbor thought I had done that warranted a phone call to the police.

They told me that his car had been ticketed for being illegally parked. He was furious and sure that ticket was proof that he was the victim of harassment. By me.

As if I had any pull whatsoever with the City of Seattle.

If you could see me you’d see a woman shaking her head in confusion. I’ve heard of people not taking responsibility for their own actions, but…

Never mind. Our back fence is now installed, so with any luck we’ll rarely have to see the gnats that live in the house behind us.

Because that’s what they are, gnats. Whatever their agenda is, I want no part of it.

So I’ll do what I always do with gnats. I’ll ignore the pesky little things. They’re not worth the brain power it would take to think of them.

Of course, they may believe ignoring them is a form of harassment.

Wouldn’t that be funny!

What do you think?