A crisp new novel

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My newest novel, Time Without, has been out about a week now.  I’m so excited!

There’s nothing like the thrill of a freshly published novel. So invigorating!

There was one troubling hiccup, though.

One of my daughters wanted to be supportive (thank you, sweetie!), so she bought a copy of Time Without on Amazon, even though she knew I’d give her one.

When it arrived she showed me what she had been sent. The book was tattered, torn, and dirty.  The box it came in appeared to be in great shape, so it wasn’t a packaging issue. But in no way did the new book she paid for look new.

She was so disappointed! And so was I.

I could replace her book easily enough, but cringed at the thought of some unsuspecting reader out there receiving a similarly beat up copy. Ugh!

I may not have control over everything about my books, but I know it reflects on me nonetheless. So I want to state for the record:

I am not, repeat NOT, a dirty, tattered, and torn book type of person.

So whoever played hockey with Time Without and then packaged it up and shipped it to my daughter, get a new hobby. Anyone who purchases a new book should get a crisp, clean copy, not one that is battered and bruised. End of story.


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