Happy anniversary!

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Happy anniversary, my sweet hubby! I can’t believe we’ve been married 32 years. Thirty-two! That’s just crazy!

It’s a good thing all those years ago both of us recognized what a good match we are. I shudder to think we might have gone our separate ways.

But then again, maybe we had help. There was that crazy lady who stopped us in the street on our first date to predict our marriage. I was ready to nod politely and walk away, but you talked to her and assured her she was correct.

And one year later, when we got married, she was correct.

I’m not sure if we match so well because we’re alike enough that we can usually find common ground.

Or because we’re different enough that we constantly challenge each other to be better.

Life with you is both adventurous and stable, which shouldn’t be possible but somehow is.

I love you even more than you know. You are my hero, my soul mate, and my best friend.

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