Election night 2016 – interesting

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This election has been an interesting experience. (Notice I said interesting, not good. I detest the mud-slinging which seems inevitable in our election system. So much of the stuff flies around that by the time we cast our votes, we can barely remember what our candidates look like.)

My plan was to take a break from politics until morning. That way all I’d have to do was turn on the television – after all the counting and speculation was done – and find out who won. No stress, no mess.

But hubby-bubby had a different plan. He loves spectator sports, and there was no way he was going to miss this one. (It was only later that I remembered his political science degree.)

“Humor me,” he said, “it only happens once every four years.”

So we watched it like a football game. Kind of.

We flipped through the channels so we could get a broader prospective. And as the night wore on and results rolled in, something interesting began to happen. The biases some of the journalists became glaringly apparent.

So much for my belief that reporters could remain objective while on the job. I guess I forgot they were, after all, just people.

Still, I was shocked when a large number of them, on several different networks, slid into mourning as the results poured in.

Caught on camera, reporters proving they are, after all, just people.

Like I said, interesting.

What do you think?