Election 2016 – being unfriended

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“I’m a fervent feminist and a Republican. I remember the mess the Clintons made of the White House, scandal after scandal after scandal. I dreaded going through that again. So I’m happy!
BTW-I’m an educated urban woman.”

I wrote that on my private Facebook page yesterday. I had read multiple posts where people stated they were afraid, heart-broken, or disappointed by the election results.

But my candidate had won! I was happy, and wanted to share that happiness with others.

I didn’t want my friends to be sad, scared, or disappointed. I wanted them to know it was going to be okay. The nastiness of the campaign could be washed away and we could come together to move our country forward.

It’s what we do. We are Americans. Our strength is in our constitutional democracy. We listen to the opposition, talk things out, then shake hands and go about our business.

Or at least, that’s what we’re supposed to do. Based on the riots last night, someone forgot to pay attention in civics class.

Sometimes your candidate wins, sometimes your candidate loses. You can’t throw a tantrum every time things don’t go your way. And that’s what those riots were, tantrums.

I disagree with President Obama’s politics and don’t like the direction he’s taken our country. I did not vote for him. Either time. But I accepted him as my President. I have given him the respect he deserves as President. The respect every President deserves.

I certainly never harassed any of his supporters on Facebook, like I got harassed yesterday.

So let me clarify.

I am not an intolerant, anti-woman, homophobic, anti-immigrant, racist who doesn’t have enough brains to think for herself. I watched all the debates (including the primaries and the vice presidential debate). I watched interviews. I watched the body language of the candidates. And I listened. Really listened.

My decision was an informed one. I voted for the candidate I felt was best for the United States. And no, I don’t believe the hype that Donald Trump is an intolerant, anti-woman, homophobic, anti-immigrant, racist.

You can believe what you want, and say what you want. That is your right. It is also your right to unfriend me, which several have done.

But I also have rights. My words are just as important as yours, so stop trying to shut me up!

I guess Tolerant Seattle isn’t so tolerant after all.


2 thoughts on “Election 2016 – being unfriended

  1. Veronica Post author

    I know if we hang in there everything will calm down and we’ll once again be a reasonably civil society. I just wish I knew how long it will take. I’m ready for normal.


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