A foot in two worlds

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I finished a huge rewrite of my newest book yesterday. It was tougher than usual, and at times I truly felt I’d never get it done.

But I did. And now, before I’ve even had the chance to catch my breath, the next project, a screenplay, is begging for me to get started.

These stories are tough bosses. Each and every one of them feels they need to be WRITTEN, and NOW!

No patience. No patience at all.

What the screenplay doesn’t realize is that for the last several months I’ve had a foot in two worlds. The real one I share with my family and neighbors, and the imagined one where the story and characters live.

In order to step into a new world, the world I’ll create for the screenplay, I’ve got to retrieve that foot.

It could take several days. I got in pretty deep with the rewrite. Which is probably why that world is hanging on to my foot tighter than Scrooge to a penny.

But I’ll get my foot back. I always do.

I hope I don’t lose my shoe.

What do you think?