Routine and the painful process

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Something came up today so I won’t be able to write.

While not being able to write for one day isn’t the end of the world, it does frustrate me a bit. My grasp on the writing routine is tenuous at best. I love to write, but I seem to embrace every chance to play hooky that comes along.

The problem is that I’m not much of a routine person. In fact, I kind of hate routines.

Too bad they are so useful!

A good routine helps me get things done and actually reach my goals.

My goal at the moment is simply to get this book completed.

Right now I feel:
I’ve been working on this book FOREVER.
I’ll NEVER finish it!
I HATE it!
I’m SICK of writing it.
Why did I EVER start it in the first place?

It’s all part of giving birth to a book. It’s a painful process.

My records show that I began these rewrites March of this year.
But I had a detailed, ten page outline of the book dated February of 2013.
There was lots, and lots, and lots of writing in between.

So yeah, forever.

What do you think?