Mundane or hero

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Okay, I’m just going to say it. They’ve got it all wrong. And by they I mean the writers of all those books, tv shows, and movies that spout the message that being a hero is a lonely, sad existence.

Sure, it makes for good drama. The audience feels the the hero’s soul-scaring loneliness and a connection is forged. All of us feel a little lonely sometime. We can relate.

But it’s carried out too far. We, the audience, may yearn for the hero’s happiness, but deep in our hearts we know it’ll never happen. Time and again we’ve witnessed heroes win wars with muscle, only to lose everything on the emotional front.

We’ve seen it so often it has become ingrained in our culture. A hero must be sad and alone. That’s the way it is.

Nonsense. We’re letting ourselves be deluded by some lonely soul in the distant past who had problems with relationships and did a Tom Sawyer to cover it up.

Only chance to be happy is to be mundane?
Don’t you believe it!

Be a HERO.
Fall in LOVE, you gorgeous hero you.
You’ll be HAPPY you did.


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