Road trip adventure – Bedrock (Arizona)

Next stop, Bedrock.

That’s right. It’s possible to visit the land of the Flintstones, right in Arizona!

We didn’t know exactly what to expect. It added 40 miles to the trip, so when we pulled into the parking lot we were disappointed. Sure there were a couple of Bedrock-looking buildings and a dinosaur, but not enough for the long drive.

Until we noticed that one of the buildings (the only one we could actually go inside) was a diner. We knew we had a long drive before we got anywhere else, so we decided to see what they had to eat.

Duh! It was the entrance into Bedrock! The parking lot was thankfully just that, a parking lot.

We paid our entrance fee and went inside. I’m so glad we did!

Because what we found was the entire town of Bedrock. Houses, playground, school, theater, gas station, post office, cars, dinosaurs, doctor’s office, jail, etc. Whatever you’d expect in a town, it was there.

Bedrock playground.  0512161723Gas Station

The insides of the buildings were staged appropriately. So the doctor’s office had giant teeth, and the post office looked ready for a town meeting.Post Office Doctor's office

I wonder what this guy did to get this long of a jail sentence?

JailMy very favorite part was the Goatasaurus’s that housed the cutest, friendliest little goat you’ve ever seen!



Off to London! Bridge, that is.

What do you think?