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I’m a writer now, but before I settled into writing I was a librarian, a job that required almost constant interaction with a multitude of people from all walks of life. And even though I’m an introvert at heart, I still loved meeting and talking with all those people, hearing their stories, and helping them to solve their problems.

But before that I was a budding anthropologist. I adored studying cultures from around the world and learning the mechanisms needed to keep each culture going.

Which is why when it comes to the stories I write, I’m all about the kind that could be labeled ‘family friendly’. (BTW, contrary to what some snobs think, family friendly does not mean boring, wimpy, or simplistic.)

You see, what we use as entertainment not only reflects our society, but it also forms it. This is especially true when it comes to younger viewers.

Children want to be normal, and normal is what they see most often. They’re hardwired to copy what they see, it’s the way they learn how to act in society. So if they watch shows where kids are rebellious drug addicts who hate their parents, they are likely to grow into rebellious drug addicts who hate their parents.

There’s already enough doom, gloom, and violence in the world. I want my stories to
show a different world, a world that may not be perfect, but is certainly worth living

I guess you could say my plan is to write the world into a better place.

What do you think?