The vote – sad, mad, and confused

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I was sad, mad, and confused.

We had the movie making class last night. Four scripts were up for the vote. Two by the instructor and the other two by students.

Being the good little student that I am I took the time to carefully read all four scripts. I thought mine held up reasonably well, so I was confident that even if my script wasn’t chosen, it at least would not be delegated to last place.

As soon as the instructor started class it became apparent that few people had read the scripts. So each was read out loud. I was ecstatic when I heard laughter in the right places.

After they were read, slips of paper were passed around and everyone wrote out their vote. The instructor and one of the students left the room to count the votes.

They returned with the news that there was a three-way tie. We needed to revote to break the tie between every script-but mine.

I was horrified! I had worked so hard on that script, yet it was so bad that it had been the only one knocked out by the first vote.

It took three more votes to choose a script. The instructor announced that the chosen script would need a major rewrite.

Five different people in the class turned to me and suggested that I help with the rewrite. I declined politely, but was surprised when my inner dialogue used words that don’t normally come out of my mouth. (Funny, that was a theme in the chosen script.)

‘Nuff said about that.

On the way home I tried to concentrate on driving and pushed the whole script thing out of my head. So I was almost home before I ran the numbers.

The instructor said he was leaving it up to us, so that left twelve students to vote on four scripts.

I voted for my own script in that first round, so I know it got at least one vote. But eleven cannot be divided by three equally, so there could be no three-way tie.

If my script got two votes, that leaves ten. Ten cannot be divided by three equally, so again no three-way tie.

If my script got three votes that leaves nine. Nine divided by three is three, so there would be a four-way tie.

So the vote was rigged. My guess is that the instructor wanted to make that particular short. Which is fine, since he is the instructor.

I just wish he hadn’t had to break my heart in the process.

What do you think?